Monday, June 9, 2008

Simple Fathers Day Gifts

A Fathers Day rolls around, I would like to add some wondefully simple Fathers Day gifts for daddy!
Make a special place mat for Father's Day. Take a piece of plain material and cut it to about the size of a big cereal box. Write: "For the Best Dad" with felt tip markers and put it under his plate as a special surprise.

Make a memory book for dad. Do the same thing as for the big poster board card. Ask a grownup to scan photos of you and your Dad doing things together and print them out. Use plain white paper and fold it in half. Paste all of the pictures on the paper and get a grownup to staple the pages in the middle where they are folded. Remember that if you can't get pictured scanned or don't have any pictures of the best times you have with your father, you can draw the pictures instead.

Make Dad feel special with a Father's Day baseball cap. Use felt tip markers to write or draw on the hat. Good suggestions: "My Dad is # 1" or "World's Best Dad!"

Make a Father's Day shirt for dad to match his cap. Take on of his undershirts - make sure it's clean! - and write or draw on it. You can say the same things as on the hat, or other think of some other special things to say.

Make Daddy a handprint poster. Take a white poster board and frame it with the kids hand/feet prints. Simply dip their hands/feet in finger paint and let them create Voila Daddy will love it!
Mamma of 9 Im out!