Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shopping with your children NOT SIMPLE

Ok so along my journey I must share my failures along with my successes. This was a big FAT failure. I decided that I was going to take all 9 of my little cherubs shopping with me for a lesson in economics. Ha! The lesson turned out to be on me. Not only did I fail miserably in the lesson I also left a bag of lunchmeat at the counter out of pure frustration. Not only did I have to deal with my tween who just absolutely KNOWS EVERYTHING. I had to deal with the 7 dwarfs who just wanted to be oh so naughty. Everything from singing twinkle twinkle little star at the TOP of their lungs(which I have to be insane because I actually thought it was cute) to the 5 million potty breaks cause nobody can go by themselves OR at the same time, to the outlandish meltdowns when I wouldnt purchase something they need OH SO MUCH!!!!! You know the things kids need that we parents just neglect. So the morale to my whole story is.......................

DONT DO IT !!!!!!

My littlest dwarfs who look oh so innocent in this picture...NOT they decided to play hide and seek with mommy oh what fun! My kids are so creative, so smart and oh so cute lol!

Mamma of 9 im out!


Teresa KK said...

You are so brave!
I won't take 3 kids to the store! said...

I had trouble shopping with my little one when he was smaller ... I can't imagine how you do it but HAT'S OFF TO YOU!!!!